Why should give my students choice? 

There are many different types of ways students can be able to connect with their learning.  Students learn best when they are able to connect with what they are learning in the classroom. Every great teacher has had that moment when you see all of you students on task and engaged in the lessons. I have! I love when my students drive my lessons and connect with the learning. One really great way to help students connect is by giving them choice. By giving your students choice with what types of assignments, they will be more invested in what you are teaching and learn more.

How can give my students more choice in my classroom? 

Choice Boards

There are three really great activities you can give to your students to make them take charge of their learning. One example is choice boards. Choice boards contain a selection of different types of activities that allow students choose activities based on their learning style. Choice boards are very similar to tic-tac-toe boards where students have to complete multiple assignments related to the concepts. I base my choice boards on Gardener’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences to insure that all of the learners in my classroom have a chance to engage with the material. Each square in the board represents a different learning styles. Students can pick with activities they want to do. My students love to be able to pick their own activities and learn the concepts on their own. One question I always get about choice boards is: how to I access students understanding for different activities? Since there are many different ways address this issue, I will provide one that I have used that is effective. I create a rubric that can be used to help students understand what concepts need to be addressed in each activity. At the end of each activity, I provide each student with short quiz on the information they gathered from each activity. Every student has the same questions which makes it easy for students to understand the objective of the lessons.

Pick a Topic

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